Integrative Well-Being

Kathryn MacKenzie  BSc, CTREP, PBP

Cedar & Rochester Hills MI

248. 420. 4755

Seeking?  Have you been guided or even driven to find out more about your truest Self,  struggling with chronic pain, feeling stuck in heavy emotions, wanting to experience a state-of-being more in the flow with life? If any of these speak to you and/or another prompt has led you here



  • less muscular tension & tightness
  • a quieter mind
  • clearer thinking & focus
  • calmer,  balanced emotions
  • an improved ability to manage  stress   
  • more responsive - less reactive
  • increased vitality & boost in energy

The Wisdom of Our BodyMind
In Union with Our Emotions

= Unlimited Potential

Let's explore together . . . and discover the 'wellth' within YOU

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