Integrative Well-Being

Integrative Well Being  sessions incorporate TRE® and Bowenwork® offering individuals the opportunity to access and release everyday stress and deeply held tension. These modalities connect to the wisdom within the body...opening to healing and enhanced well being from the inside out. TRE® and Bowenwork® reset the body back into balance through the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).

Integrative Well Being is for you. . . whether working with a health issue, healing trauma, moving through a life transition, expanding self-knowledge or maintaining your well-being.

Now offering LifeWave® phototherapy patches. Elevate . Activate . Regenerate with light! No chemicals, drugs or stimulants. Better health is a patch away!

Kathryn MacKenzie  BSc, CTREP, PBP

Cedar & Rochester Hills, MI

248. 420. 4755

The Wisdom of Our BodyMind
In Union with Our Emotions

= Unlimited Potential

Let's explore together . . . and discover the 'wellth' within YOU

Bowenwork®  .  TRE® Tension Release Exercise

​LifeWave® Phototherapy Patches

Ready to experience...

  • less muscular tension and tightness
  • a quieter mind
  • clearer thinking and focus
  • calmer, balanced emotions
  • an improved ability to manage stress, more responsive - less reactive
  • increased vitality and an overall boost in energy