The tensions and traumas of our lives develop barriers within us .  Trauma creates a filter, a distorted perception of how we experience life. We lose sight of who we really are and move through life out of touch with our authentic needs and wants.

Integrative Well-Being is for you. . .

  • working with a health issue
  • healing trauma
  • moving through a life transition 
  • expanding self-knowledge
  • maintaining your well-being
  • awakening
  • ​building interoception

What's Integrative Well-Being  All About?

Integrative Well-Being  is focused on your bodymind, offering opportunities to alter protective patterns from your past and lessen cumulative stress. Sessions utilize the tools of TRE® Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises and Bowenwork®  assisting the body to access and release everyday stress and deeply held tension and trauma, small t to the capital T.  These modalities open to the wisdom of your body to heal and enhance well-being from the inside out. TRE® and Bowenwork® reset the body back into balance through the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).

Your body does and has done so much at an unconscious and involuntary level to protect you during continued stress and trauma. Innate to your body is the mechanism to heal., to reset, to remember, to awaken. It has the capacity to return to homeostasis. HOME  to your true nature and Self.