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As we learn about the Pathways of the ANS we gain an understanding how the states we experience are related to these pathways. This offers insight  into why we are who we are and how  the trauma and stressors of our lives have elicited a way of being in the world. As we work with TRE® we develop and cultivate an inner awareness of these states and how our bodies have the capacity to shift.  Through deepening our interoception we reap the benefit of lessening the grip stress and trauma has on us and we increase our ability to  Self-Regulate.

TRE® Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises are an easy to learn series of movements designed to elicit the body’s natural mechanism to reset back into balance by "shaking" or "tremoring." Trauma elicits a state of threat and the body responds by getting ready for fight or flight and/or withdrawing and immobilizing. The tremor (reflexive muscle vibration) creates mobilization,  encouraging the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) to shift from a shut down state towards a state of sympathetic motivation, allowing more energy to become available for a healing response. In simple terms, this response supports social engagement, attachment, well-being and balanced health.  

Created by Dr. David Berceli .

TRE® Individual & Couples Sessions are 1.5 hours  .  Wear comfortable clothes to move in / Layers for feeling hot or cold  .  Bring water

TRE® Groups are offered based on eligibility which includes at least one private session in advance

For appointments/schedules & pricing please call/text Kathryn at 248. 420. 4755 ... Cedar & Rochester Hills MI