3 Pathways ... understanding a bit more

about your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), trauma and regulation.

                                                          Diagram by Kathryn

EPOCH HEALTH March 2024 article

Chronic Conditions, Stored Trauma, Release

TRE referenced

Let's move beyond adapting into recovery

and the capacity to move forward.

Let's regain our true Essence.

As Stephen Porges says,

"optimize our human experience."

"We need to be a hollow tube for the great spirit to pass through". Shaking helps keep us a hollow tube and an empty vessel. And finally, it is not only our bodies that have to be shaken: our words and meanings must also shake. When the spirit moves through us, everything will shake - our understandings, actions, and experiences. Shake in order to set free your mind, body, and soul.
                                                           Bradford Keeney…this is what a Lakota medicine man said

Ponder Your Potential

Information is GOOD, right?! Here are thoughts, charts, articles, links and images  to gain a bigger picture about your potential to grow and heal as we work together

  • Letting Go ... your body plays a role.  Article by Kathryn

 Learn to SHAKE IT off . Repattern your nervous system

​TRE® is a  neural exercise  which builds resilience