Bowenwork® is a system of touch that initiates a series of responses through stimulation of the musculoskeletal, nervous, and fascial systems, assisting the body to relax and realign structurally and energetically. 

Bowenwork® addresses alignment, respiratory, digestive, inflammation, reproductive and endocrine issues, along with auto-immune conditions and emotional stress.

Clients are asked to commit to 3 sessions to begin. This offers the greatest opportunity to experience the benefits these tools can impart.

Further sessions will be determined as we learn about your body, its responses and needs.

Bowenwork sessions are 1 hour  .  Wear comfortable cotton clothing  .  Be well hydrated  .  Set aside time after your session for integration

For appointments & pricing please call/text Kathryn at 248. 420. 4755 ... Cedar & Rochester Hills MI 


Bowenwork® is a subtle approach evoking often profound results. Clients are pleasantly surprised to experience relief and rejuvenation from its non-invasive soft tissue movements. Based on a less is more principle,  Bowenwork® allows the body to release and reset, respecting the body's innate wisdom and timing.

Bowenwork® created by Tom Bowen
Bowtech® Australia
American Bowenwork ® Academy

Sessions consist of hands-on gentle movements followed by a rest/wait, giving the body time to reset. Length of the rest periods are determined for each client during each session.  The rest periods generally take more time than the hands-on work.
Responses in the nervous and energetic systems can continue for up to 10 days after each Bowen session.