TRE® offers an additional tool to assist clients in deepening their self-awareness and integrating the body-mind into their personal growth. Current research supports the positive effect of somatic integration in healing trauma.

  • Refer clients for individual sessions & groups 
  • Incorporate TRE® into your existing groups

TRE® is an excellent self-care tool for therapists and caregivers

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  • Form a group with colleagues



TRE® Tension. Stress. Trauma Release Exercise  is an easy to learn series of movements designed to elicit the body’s natural mechanism to reset back into balance. This series cultivates an inner awareness of sensation and experience referred to as interoceptionThe exercises encourage the body's natural mechanism to "shake off" stress and tension.  These neurogenic tremors assist the process of resetting the body into the ventral vagal response of the autonomic nervous system. In simple terms, this response supports social engagement, attachment, well-being and balanced health.

TRE® was created by Dr. David Berceli,

an international trauma expert.

Kathryn  MacKenzie, Certified TRE® Provider

Individual, Couples & Group Facilitation

Virtual follow-up sessions available

...1st session is in person

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TRE®  releases everyday and accumulated stress held in the body not accessed by regular exercise.  Symptoms of chronic stress and trauma may include difficulty concentrating, insomnia, body pain, anxiety, depression and stress related illness.

Individual Sessions:

  • Intake / First     $100
  • Follow-up  sessions    $90


  • $30  /  pkg. 3/$75
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TRE® is great to do with a partner!

Couples Sessions:

  •  $150