Pyramid Point February 2021 (Michael)

As a Certified TRE® Provider and Advanced Bowenwork® Practitioner, I assist individuals and groups to connect with their body ... be present with sensations ... sync their mind with their body ... to become attuned, to trust and EMBODY

Our cat Timmy

My partner Michael

Pyramid Point February 2021

The body is amazing and filled with wisdom.  Stress, tension and trauma (from the small t to the capital T) interfere with the quality of  our lives

How our body expresses our history and development fascinates me. The challenges and joys in life are continuous and imprint upon our body, like the rings of a tree. My personal growth and experience, along with the journeys I share with others, teaches me the contentment and acceptance we seek comes through the integration of body and mind

I am so excited to be living in Cedar full time NOW! I have been a part-time homeowner in Empire & Cedar since 2005 and fell madly in LOVE with this area the moment I set foot here.

I look forward to creating a private practice and groups! Call me soon 248-420-4755 


We spend tremendous focus, time and energy to expand our wealth, be it knowledge and/or financial. TRE® and Bowenwork® offer the opportunity to expand the "wellth" within by increasing well-being

Kathryn MacKenzie BSc, CTREP, PBP, RYT
Cedar & Rochester Hills, MI
248. 420. 4755

TRE® virtual sessions available